How To Choose The Right REALTOR

How to Choose the Right Realtor for You

Whether you’re buying or selling, choosing the right real estate agent is a central part of the process. What qualities should you look for in a realtor, and how can you be sure they will meet your needs?

Here’s what you should take into consideration while choosing a REALTOR

Full-time versus part-time realtors

Some agents view real estate as a side job, while others work with buyers and sellers full-time. It’s a good idea to do your research and find out whether the realtor you’re considering is employed elsewhere or works solely as an agent.

Part-time agents have completed the same necessary training as full-time agents and can perform well. However, full-time agents may be able to dedicate more time and effort to help their clients without the distraction of outside work. For this reason, it’s generally in your best interest to hire a full-time realtor.

Teams versus independent Realtors

There are pros and cons to working with a realty team instead of an independent agent. With more eyes on your transaction, you could benefit from getting a variety of perspectives and opinions. On the other hand, your transaction may be passed around between team members, some of which have less experience than others.

Realty teams tend to function as a business with a focus on bringing in large volumes of work rather than each individual transaction. If you would prefer a more direct and personal relationship with your realtor, you may want to choose an independent agent rather than a team of several.

Testimonials, reputation, and experience

Your relationship with your realtor could be a long one, so you’ll want to make sure that you can form a successful and trusting working relationship with them. There are a few reliable resources you can use to find indicators that a realtor is trustworthy. If the realtor you’re considering is well-established, you will be able to find testimonials from past clients, current listings, and recently sold homes online.

Previews of the realtor’s work allow you to judge their experience and record of success, and testimonials allow you to determine if the realtor’s values line up with yours. Their personal website is a good place to look for this information, and you’ll also get a taste of their personality and level of professionalism through the aesthetic and content of their site.

Finding a realtor who is genuinely passionate about what they do is extremely important; you’ll feel much more confident in their abilities if you know they’re there not just for the commission, but out of a desire to help and educate you.

Ask around and get recommendations from local buyers and sellers so that you can get detailed accounts of their performance. There’s no need to rush; feel free to interview several different realtors if you are still unsure about who to choose.

Working with friends and family

If you have a friend or family member who is a realtor, you might be inclined to start working with them immediately to avoid the tension that could arise if you hire one of their competitors. Nonetheless, in most cases, it’s best to consider the realtor’s performance apart from your personal relationship with them. Just because a relative has chosen a career of being a real estate agent, doesn’t make them perfect for you.

After all, if you hire someone close to you and they end up doing their job poorly, dealing with the resulting conflict will cause even more tension and awkwardness. Think of choosing a realtor like choosing a surgeon: you always want the best, regardless of their relation to you. Just because they have watched some videos on learning real estate and recently passed the exam doesn’t mean they should be YOUR Realtor.

Now that you’re equipped with these tips on how to choose the right real estate agent for you, you’re ready to start doing your research and find the realtor who meets all the basic requirements. Narrow down the qualities that matter to you the most, then go with your gut – and referrals, of course.

Once you feel confident that you’re in the right hands, you’ll have no problem sitting back and leaving the work to a professional.

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